Tacoma sustainable landscaping

It’s all about using methods that are environmentally friendly so we aren’t doing anything that harms the Earth, wildlife and humans. These practices include

  • Conserving water
  • Protecting water and air quality
  • Regenerating the soil
  • Protect wildlife
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
Tacoma sustainable landscaping

Grow your own vegetables with our garden designs

With more people concerned about where their food comes from, gardens have gained popularity throughout the Tacoma area.

People are discovering that growing their own produce can save money on their grocery bills and produce just tastes better when it’s grown in your own yard.

Don’t be surprised if your kids start eating their vegetables because they had a hand in growing them.

With 2 certified horticulturists on staff, we’re experienced in all types of gardening and can design and install a garden that works.

Residential garden installation

No space? Try a container garden

If space is limited, we can design and install a container garden. These have become very popular in the last few years as many people have limited space but love the idea of growing their own produce.

The right plants for your yard

Selecting the right plants, shrubs and trees for your yard is vital to creating the perfect outdoor space.

This means more than just deciding how much color you want to see throughout the year.

It’s also about choosing plants that need little or no maintenance so you can enjoy them with minimal care.

We’ll also give you tips for keeping them healthy or, if you’re busy, you may want to ask us about a landscape maintenance program so we can keep your yard weed free and looking good all year round.

Practical green ideas

  • Select plants that are water-wise
  • Capture rain water-use to water plants/garden
  • Use mulch-keeps moisture in the soil
  • Choose tools and equipment that reduce air/noise pollution

Landscape install Tacoma WashingtonAffordable landscaping services for Pierce County

Since 2001, Rainier Landscaping has been providing affordable landscape services to homeowners and businesses in Pierce County. Locally owned, we work in Tacoma and the surrounding communities of Edgewood, Federal Way, Fife, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Milton and University Place.

From yard renovations to installing flagstone pathways to planting vegetable gardens, our staff has experience in all areas of landscape and gardening. In addition, our owner is an ecoPRO Certified Sustainable Landscaping professional with knowledge in organic lawn care practices.

Our specialty is remodeling existing landscapes. We’ve become known for taking on smaller landscaping projects the larger companies don’t do so call today to schedule your free estimate.

Landscape design for your Tacoma area home

Many homeowners have a yard that doesn’t work for them. Maybe it requires too much maintenance, has become overgrown or you just don’t like the way it looks.  Whatever the reason, we can help.

As professionals with years of landscaping experience, it’s our job to create a design that incorporates your ideas into a workable plan to turn your yard into an outdoor living space you’ll love. Residential Landscape Installation

Our customers often need a little help with the creative process so you tell us how you’d like to use the space and we’ll offer the concepts.

Our plan may involve a full or partial makeover of your current landscaping while other times it may consist of mostly maintenance work, like cutting back overgrown shrubs, planting flowers and installing new bark.

Depending on the complexity, we can usually transform your yard into an amazing new space in 1 to 3 days.  Get started on your new yard by contacting us for your free estimate.

Landscaping services to fit all budgets

Whatever your budget, it’s our job to create a design that incorporates your ideas into a workable plan.  We have plenty of experience in developing landscape plans within a set budget and are confident we’ll be able to offer options to make you happy.

No one likes surprises so before we start work, we’ll give you a written estimate for the cost of the project. If changes need to be made, we’ll come up with options so you can pick and choose what elements you like and still stay within your budget. Once you give us the green light, we’ll set a day to get started.

Turn your backyard into an outdoor living spaceResidential Backyard Renovation

Have you been neglecting your backyard? More and more Tacoma homeowners are realizing their backyards can be a wonderful place to relax and spend quality time with their family.

So, if you want to extend your living space to the outdoors, you’ve come to the right business.  Our specialty is doing backyard renovations and we’ll help make your dream a reality.

The professionals at Rainier Landscaping will work with you to design an area that’s functional and looks terrific.  For those concerned about the environment, we are certified in sustainable landscaping practices and offer organic lawn care.

Sustainable concepts to minimize impact on environment

  • Designing-select water-wise and/or native plants and put them in the right place.
  • Soil-use compost, mulch and organic fertilizers to make existing soil healthier so plants grow stronger.
  • Plants-plant at proper depth, water deeply to develop strong roots and use mulch to hold in moisture.
  • Maintenance-proper care at the start produces healthier plants, which are more resistant to disease and pests.
  • Irrigation-water efficiently using smart controllers with rain sensors and water regularly until established and then, water less often to develop strong roots.

There are many things we can do to make your yard look wonderful while promoting a healthier environment for you and your family.

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